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hi, id like to say first that ive seen some things but i didnt think id see it from family. this is what makes my problem more difficult. i have an inlaw named nick, he started sleeping over the house and getting closer to me my mom and grandma. one day nick tells me hed like to open a tanning salon. he shows me the store, the place to buy the machines and introduces me to his friend who owns a new york health club. his friend tells me that at least 300 of his 1000 members would sign up to a one year one thousand dollar membership to tan... i give nick 36,000 .. he suddenly dissapears. i find him two months later. i ask him about the store and the money.  he looks right at me and says "what money?" he than does something which was unreal, he asks me if i know so and so person named xxxx? i say no and i became confused. he than tells me that he killed so and so person.  (((stop))) now i saw what he was doing and i was beyond shocked. i only heard of this in the movies i didnt think it was real.. i call his father and his father is devastated by the news. he than tells his father that i am not lieing about the money, but that i only think im telling the truth, that i have a mental illness. how can i start a procedure to recover my money... thats all i want to know im very mad and ive seen private eyes do very creative stuff, like trick him into admitting he received it by getting a female investigator to make him brag or something...

It sounds like you have a real problem on your hands as this guy seems pretty unstable.  It may become very difficult to recover your money unless you have a signed receipt or something similar.  Cash transactions, without any written confirmation, are difficult to verify in court.  You could certainly try to set this person up with a local female investigator, etc., but it may not prove useful.  Check with a local attorney to see what your options are regarding the money, collection, etc.  There may be very good legal options that will help you.  By the way if this person stated they killed someone you really should notify local law enforcement.....  

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