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I am in the process of starting a firm, i'm intrested, in the best option of bidding for a contract. should I go with a set price or an hourly rate for each staff member.

Hi Micheal,

The best method is always to clearly define the cost for a specific service, so hourly rate per staff member.  You need to think about what happens when the staff member needs to be relieved from their post (toilet / meal breaks), and that the client is paying for a certian number of hours and it is your obligation to deliver that amount of service time. Often a client doesn;t understand all that goes into providing the service, and a radical way of quoting to show what they are getting might be break everything down to show how you arrived at the hourly rate - the overhead, supervision and profit margin can be lumped together so you don't show your whole hand.

It also pays to look beyond the price or you well get slammed everytime and everyone will be very busy going broke.  You should sell the service and quality aspect, and emphasise the difference you have from other companies.

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