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Hello Mr.Healy, I have been looking at getting an education but I have found out that there are so many scams with PI schools it almost discourages my entire view of the industry. One of the reasons for my interest in this field is to take away some of my niave outlook and gulible views in life. I have been scammed before. I have been looking into Lion Investigation Academy. They actually offer a degree in the field and seem to be the most comprehensive school overall, that I can find. Do you know anything about this school? And if I were to walk into a PI office looking for a job would this degree hold any weight? I could use some guidance. Thank You for your time!   - Andrew

I have heard of the name and have not heard anthing bad about them. The problem with getting into this profession is the competition. Most PIs are in a second career, having left law enforcement or the military.

Lion mght be a help in a job interview but you still must meet the licensing requirments in the state.

It is going to be tough to compte for a position with a retired cop.

Your best bet would be to get the Lion currculum and go to a few local PIs and ask them if this would be of any value to them if you applied for a job.

Another problem is civil liability. It is a huge issue for us.

I do not have any employees. When I am real busy I reach out to licensed investigators who have their own licsne and their own insurance. I hire them as sub contractors. I get their experiences and isurance coverage and none of the extra liability.

Before you spend to much time at this go meet some local PI, have coffee and see what it is they do day by day by day. You will probably change your mind.

I do 75% of my work by computer, accessing public records, an occasional trip to the registry of deeds or a court. This AM I went out and took a few pictures and measured a swimming pool.

I do the occassional insurabnce surveillance but I hate that.

What a TV PI does and real PI does are worlds apart.

This is all about RESEARCH and only of PUBLIC records, with the occasional interview and surveillance.

It is painstaking, slow, methodical and not at all "exciting".

Most people I help ( and there are a lot) end up going elsewhere as they have the image of the TV PI as what they hope to do and it just ain't so.

Make sure this is what you are after bedfore you invest in any training.

Go see the local guys, the small one and two man operations. Buy them lunch and pick their brains.

It mght surprise you.

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