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what info from most important to least imp, - is it necessary to get  to be able to track someone down who either A)is not hiding but just ignoring you, and /or  b) does not wish to be found?

are a nmae and ssn sufficent to find someone in either category?

so, u have the opportunity to collect and gather data while the part is willing to divulge it, but need to know what to ask for.

in the future however, u r concerned he or she might change her mind and  become recalcitrant and go underground
so, when you contract or amke an y deal with  such a person u wanna know what info and or PHTOCOPIES  u should collect?/

and are photo copies  better than plain data? do they add anything or make future skip tracing easier?

Nama and social security number are usually sufficient to locate someone. If the person you are looking to locate "changes their mind and become recalcitrant" you don't have the right to pursue them, unless you are a bill collector. To do so may constitute talking.


Private Investigations and Personal Security

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