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Suprising , Yes the laywer did say to go this route , guess I will fire him before  get killed in the courtroom.
Cops dont make it as PIs ? why depends on what you did but a patrol officer is usually a driver beyond compare , has a wonderful memory of plates?
Will need new lawers approval before doing anything , but what do I look for in a private investigator , met a few that cant follow basic countersurvielance techniques , ie a circuitous route.
Now for something ive always been curious on , how good is Granite Island
Group at TSCM ,
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Question -
Hello , I have a situation , an employer is not upholding his end of a contract , as I have already gotten a lawyer , Its best if he handles most of it.
But I need dirt , embarassing and or criminal information on someone , how do I contact a pi about a 6 mth round the clock survielance on two men , they arent too higly guarded.
Idea is something of a personal nature "leaks and causes distress" Criminal is better.
anything pi related would have to wait for my new lawyers approval
I also need a place of business monitored trying to uncover evidence of a breech and wrongful termination due to phyisical disability.
Would like Ex FBI , someone with the juice to handle the matter.
Answer -
I suggest you try thr locao phonr book,but please be aware that investigators are licensed professionals. Round the clock surviellance is going to cost you a lot of money and will require at least three people per day at an hourly rate/plus mileage and expenses.

PIs do not work to dig up dirt, they make inquiries, research records, collect data and facts.

Before you do this you need to check state and federal laws regarding invasion of privacy and intrusion upon seclusion.

No matter what they do or find you are responsible.

You also should double check with your lawyer criminal or embarassing information probably can not be used against the employer unlkess it directly relates to the wrongful terminatio. The fact someone is dirt does not mean a termination was improper.

If you have got the attornys permission to do this I suggest you consult with another attorney first.Most attorneys would tell you this is not thw way to go.

EX FBI does NOT mean a competent PRIVATE investigator. Most cops do not make it as PIs.

Police work and pivate sector investigation are two different things. Very different.I have done both.

"but a patrol officer is usually a driver beyond compare" PIs can not break ANY traffic laws. Driving skills and training are totally irrelevant. A "patrol officer" is not necessarily an investigator.

The tools a  PI needs and uses are NOT taught in law enforcment. I have been both a LE trainer and trainer of PIs.

To find a competnt PI, get their resume and REFERENCES, are they insured or bonded?  and ask if they are members of their local State Association of Invetigators. Keep away from non-members. Ethics and on going training!

"met a few that cant follow basic countersurvielance techniques , ie a circuitous route. " How would you gather this knowlegde, were you on surverillance with them and do you have the training and experience to make this statment?

If you give them instructions and make them do it your way, as opposed to their way, it will certainly fail. Hire a professional and tell him what needs to be accomplished, .........not how to do it. Be prepared to spend a LOT of money. You get what you pay for!

It sound to me like you are making assumptions and if so you will have a very hard time determing what a competnet PI realy is.

Real surveillance, in the real world, to be done right,  requires THREE people. Two may work, one is VERY VERY unlikely to succeed no matter who you hire. Stop lights, busses and slow cars screw it up EASILY.

Why would a PI need "counter" surveillance techniques unless HE is being followed?  Counter surveillance is VERY simple. Not what is shown on TV.  Pull over, stop and watch all the cars go by or  Make FOUR right hand turns. If the same car is behind you for three, conincidence, if he is there for the 4th .......surveillance.

Granite Island Group is owned by James Atkinson, best on the East Coast. I have used them ........but beware to do TSCM correctly is VERY expensive. About $1,800.00 to do a single famly home covering all technologies.

This is a job for an engineer (Atkinson) NOT a PI.

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