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love your site very informing,question live a very socical life have exp. the "PUPPY CHOW" tried "kitty litter" but by no means have hung at the conner selling aneything nor solissed or promoted that lifestyle "parrent myself" but feel am looked at every minnite from the car to the bedroom nite vission, infranred noises in walls. this must cost tax paying cit.big $$$$, the wast of time and should be spent other places i am waiting for the sting with warrent nothing will be found ofcorse costing more time and $$$$$ do i prepair for a viloation of the 4 or just let it them watch?

It would be a rare issue that might cause a law enforcement agency to conduct such a comprehensive surveillance of a subject's activities. If you haven't done (or are doing) anything that is illegal, don't worry about this.  Now if you notice any people following you, watching your home from a vehicle, etc., start to take photos of them and get license plate numbers.  Then report it as a stalking issue and see what develops.  Other than that, don't worry about it because truthfully, if the F.B.I., etc., is watching you there isn't much you could do about it anyway... :)

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