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I noticed that you have experience in financial recovery.  I have a judgement on my ex-husband for back child support owed to me.  I just found out today that his federal refund will not be intercepted because my children are no longer minors.  How do I use my judgement to obtain his tax refund(s)? Or, should I ask, can I intercept his tax refund with a judgement?  I live in Maryland. My ex gave me his W-2 to file his taxes for him , he said, the money will go to me any way.  However, he is not aware that they will not intercept.

Thank you! in advance for any assistance you can provide.


You would really need to speak with a tax attorney for the intercept issue but if is being truthful about sending you the refund, it may also be possible to have it sent to an attorney and held in escrow for you.  Worth a try.  Also, if you have an idea where he works and where he does his banking, send the judgement to them as they can start to recover funds for you.  Wish we could be more help but don't know much about the IRS position on this.

Take care.

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