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i overheard a message left on an acuqauintances phone whereby a guy says " i could not email u a copy of the snake movie that we did at    
but i will mail u a dvd of it"
r snamke movies done with willing participants or sometimes not?
what   is the ocntent?
what % ar ewilling and voluntary, and which r forced
what happens to the actressess that are forced after the film is made?

if i cna procure a copy of the voice mail message
would this evidence and the incident that happened be considered siginificant for the law?

the person whose voicemail i ahve access to is an excon wth sadistic tendencies and explosive rage)";
and was asked on 3/8/2006
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To start with, I've never heard of the term "snake movies" so I don't know what they are.

However, if you think that they are something illegal, go to the cops. Don't just go to the desk sargent, ask to speak with someone from whatever department this would fall under (i.e. homicide, vice, etc.)While I wouldn't recommend stealing anything, talk to the cops and see if they are interested. Tell then what you have overheard and tell them the names and addresses of the people involved.

Then withdraw from the situation

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