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I have two items. Please answer them when you get a chance.

I have written a section in my story where the investigator locates a car that struck a car of a man's without insurance and sped away. But could there be a light twist to this? Any suggestions?

Also, in my story I thought I would add a little case for the investigator. An older man's young girl friend has ran off with a young man. The older man wants her found. When the investigator finds her she is working as a prostitute. But how might the investigator find this out and what might he do next?

1.  Well in the first part the car could be found through a traffic video system that is used for people running red lights.  Many larger cities are using them for this purpose.

2.  In the second part the investigator could run a check on the young man and find out that he used his credit card at the nightclub where the girl works as a stripper.  When he goes there and snoops around, finds out she is also working a specific "corner of the street"....

Private Investigations and Personal Security

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