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Private Investigations and Personal Security/Do I have the right to sue someone who had my house staked out by a private inestigatior?


My boyfriends estranged wife had my house staked out a year after she and her husband had split up to watch my and my boyfriend's activities. She did this after she knew we were having a relationship.  What rights do I have to a get all of the pictures and to sure her for invasion of privacy?

You have every right to protect yourself and family within the law and there is nothing wrong with taking still photographs or video of someone that is watching your home!  We would also highly recommend that you keep a daily journal of when she or others arrive/depart, car plate numbers, descriptions of everyone, etc.  Also, use a video camera if possible that you can hide in a window sill for instance, so they don't see someone pointing a camera at them... :)  You could also use a security camera mounted on the outside of your home that sends a signal straight to a VCR or DVDR recorder.  Then, when you get solid evidence of being stalked go see your local police.  There are even federal laws against stalking so it can be pretty serious stuff.

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