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I have a little experience with martial arts and self-defense but am not expert. In pressure point control tactics training I came across stuns for the first time as a particular type of strike to specific targets (brachial plexus, the area joining foot and front of shin, side of thigh, etc.). Can you recommend any other particular stuns or where I might learn more about this type of strike?  Any suggestions or information will be appreciated. Thank you.  

Okay, there's all kinds of stuff out there on Dim Mak and pressure point striking...even going back to Bruce Tegner. A lot of the stuff is just downright silly, a lot of it is over stated, a lot of it will fail on different people and a lot of it will have you curled up on the ground puking your guts out if someone lays one on you.

Some people have natural resistance to certain moves My wife's ex didn't have the pressure point under the nose. I know drywall hangers and cowboys who no pressure point on the arm is going to slow them down enough. I know people who if you hit them, they pretty much just get mad. But if you did a titty twister on them, they'd drop. It's a different kind of pain.

Pressure points are very important in that they greatly enhance the effectiveness of strikes and other attacks. Having said that, knowing how to strike effectively is slightly more important.

When they combine they are awesome. They will leave someone on the deck gasping for air. But one without the other isn't going to get the job done.  Before you worry about where to hit, find someone who can teach you the dynamics of effective power delivery and correct range of different moves.

Once you get that, then focus on finding those spots that will double the bang for your buck.

take a look at in the MA training section and see if you can get some ideas on how to  move more effectively

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