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I was rewriting a part of my writing and thought you could help. Someone is following a woman just to get information on her name, etc. How might he do it?

I was a victim of ID theft, so maybe he gets ahold of information that should have been shreaded? But how?

Anyway, I was wondering how people get the information and how he might find out her name, etc.


Well if he follows her he could get her registration information from the vehicle license plate number.  At hom she would certainly have utility bills, phone bills, etc., that she would have with her name on it in the trash!  It is a common technique to go through people's trash if you want to gain useful information.  He could wait until she takes her can to the curb or if she throws bags into a dumpster, wait until she leaves and retrieve them.  You are correct to assume that shreading is very important especially for credit card/bank account documents and anything with your social security number, pin numbers, etc., even before throwing them in the trash.

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