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i recently started bouncing about three weeks ago. i just wanted to know if anyone would give me a few good pointers.

Three basic rules that you must NEVER lose sight of.

1) Your duties as a bouncer can be summed up in one simple phrase: Your job is to protect the owner's interests.

A happy bar is a money making bar. A money making bar is a bar that pays you more. Nothing can kill the happiness of a bar faster than a fight. An unhappy bar is not a money making bar.

You protect the owner's interest, by preventing fights/trouble from happening. You do this by stepping in and handling the situation before it becomes a problem. I used to tell my bosses that they would know that I was working my ass off when NOTHING happened.

2) Bouncing is one thing and one thing only: People skills.

A smile and a confident, friendly "How you guys doing? My name is CJ. If you need anything just let me know" can get you further than a tough guy look.

You can never know too much about negotiation, compromise, de-escalation or have too much patience when it comes to handling potential problems.  Which leads us to a paraphased quote from Robert Hienlein

3) "Your enemy is never a bad guy in his own eyes. If you can remember this you can often find a way to turn him into your friend. If you can't do that then you can kill him without hatred or malice."

Now obviously that has to be toned down for bouncing, but the idea that the guy who is causing trouble most of the time does't think he is being an asshole is critical for you to remember. A little bit of patience and a willingness to listen, understanding and compassion can turn a would-be violent situation into not only a good revenue generating customer, but someone who will watch your back for you.

And if he can't be turned, then you can do what you need to do, quickly, effectively and without malice (read, within the law). And that loops us back to rule #1. If you don't use excessive force (or avoid using force whenever possible) then you don't have to worry about you or the bar being sued.

There is a lot more, than that, but this is a good place to start. What I recommend you do is when you have some free time, go to the LEO section of and settle in for doing some serious reading.

I cover a lot of stuff there that will apply to you in the bouncing job.


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