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I'm writing a fictional story in which a character, John, fakes his own death to escape a killer who's after him, and lives on the run under an assumed identity(ies) for a few years. But then, the killer catches up to him in a deserted lot, kills him and disposes of the body. A third person is injured in the struggle, so now the scene of the killing is a crime scene. In their investigation, the police find something of John's -- some belonging, his wallet or keys or something -- that allow them to trace back to his real identity. Do you have any suggestions as to what that item could plausibly be?
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They would most certainly evaluate any fingerprints left at the scene or on any of the items recovered..... Could be a simple as they have some doubt regarding the guy's present identity and when they run his prints (from an autopsy, off his driver's license, etc.) it could come back to his real identity!

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