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I live in Monroe County, Indiana. I have neighborhood children who come and play in my yard with my 2 children. Lately some of these young boys have been coming and doing wild things when we are not home(like jumping off my roof and being on top of the swing set. If I post a "NO TRESPASSING" sign can I give permission when I am home for them to be here? Is there a better way?  I want to protect myself as well as them.

Your property is private no matter what type of sign you post. If you have told these kids that you didn't want them to be on your property when your not home and they did not comply with your order, then you might need to talk to there parents. After you talk to there parents you could post the sign at that point to reinforce what you already have told them and there parents.   You have to remember the liability factor in regards to these youth's if they get hurt on your property it could cause you problems . But if talking to there parents and talking to them and posting the sign's doesn't work then you might have to call the police to deal with the problem.  But if like you said they are friends of your children then maybe telling your kids to tell them that you don't want them there when your not home might be enough to stop the problem.I hope this helps you if you need anymore advice feel free to write again.

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