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Our grandson had his truck robbed of many things he had inside,(CD player, speakers, etc.)while
it was locked up and parked at his house overnight. He lives at the end of a cul de sac and there have been other things taken from other peoples cars who live on this street during the past few years.  A minister who lives on the corner across the street from our grandson told him that he saw a black truck with tinted windows and no license plates coming out of the street where our grandson lives while he was in his garage working. The truck he described is always parked in the next block from where we live  in front of the same house and there is no address on the house. Is there any online resource where we can find out who lives there?

Do a search through using just the address... Something like: 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Los Angeles, and see if it comes up with resident information.  You can also visit the website for your county property records office as many have online searching capability.  If not, try calling them to see if they can run the search for you or visit there in person. If those things don't help, we can probably find it for a fee.

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