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thank you so much for your help. you are the only person that has helped me at all.  can you tell me anything about the vidocq society? where to get in touch with them? or how i might find out? thank you so much for your help again. kaye          i am trying to solve my friends murder.
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They have a web site somewhere but they are VERY selective about what they will review, not jusy any unsolved case.

I am a retired cop and now doing private investigation. You should not be solving your friends murder, the police should be.

Also, they can not and will not tell you what they know, what they are doing and who they suspect. It could harm the case if that got out. What they release to the media is just enough to keep them at bay.

To release too much would harm the case.

You need to realize that to convict someone they need EVIDENCE, hard facts and proof.

Enough evidence to arrest and convict are two vERY different standards. In a homicide you do not make an arest when you know who did it, but only when you can prove it BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

But that evidence must meet certain VERY RIGID criteria to be admissable in court. If they obtain evidence, from ANY source, at it is considered "tainted" or has other legal problems it can not be used. EVER.

question#####################          the problem is that the case is closed and the police are saying it was suicide, and there are too many things that do not point in that direction that they never even looked at. i do not believe that he committed suicide. not because i dont want too but the facts do not corraborate that.; can you shoot yourself with a shotgun
and then be laying on your back with your hands folded neatly across your stomach? can someone that was just awoken an hour before hand and asked to go to church sleep so hard that they cannot hear the shot less than 10 yards away? can an innocent person try their very best to convince me for 4 weeks that he did kill himself and then when i keep saying that there are too many questions that are not answered and i wont stop untill i find out the truth suddenly completely change thier beliefs and say that they now believe that there was a hit put out on him?
this person was his wife of less than 2 years. they had a very stormy relationship and i know for a fact there were verbal threats made.
there also is another person that he was scared of. my friend was diagnosed as bi-po lar and i think because of that they ruled it a suicide. no note, nothing. i saw him less than 36 hours before this happened and asked him if he needed to talk and he said no. we were very close and talked about everything. we also had a discussion about suicide one time and he told me he would never do it because he didnt want to go to hell. there are too many things here for me to sit back and let this go. i feel that there is enough circumstantial evidence for the case to be reopened. am i wrong?

Answer -
The Vidocq society has a web site somewhere.  Have you gone to the local attorney general and ask him to re open or review the case.          so do you feel that there is enough of a question that i should persue this. there are many other things thati know that i have not shared with you. i have also heard that you can get away with murder in this county.

I can not say for sure. I have a lot of experience at this but can not give you an opinion about pursuing it as I have not seen the evidence, reports, photographs etc. I have seen many suicides that looked like a murder and quaite a few murders that looked, at first, like suicide. These are complex things to investigate.

Sadly people do get away with murder, but it is rare.To convict someone takes evidence and it is not always there.

I think you should go to the State Attorney General First. He is the Chief Law enforcment Officer in the state. In NH the AG is in charge of all homicides.

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