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Private School/Phillips College transcripts (Griffin College)


CJ wrote at 2009-11-04 20:59:18
I had the same need and found out that when an educational institution closes they have to send all their files to the state. I got my transcript a couple monnths ago through:

Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

128 10th Avenue SW

PO Box 43105

Olympia, WA 98504-3105

Good Luck

Vickie Kent wrote at 2009-12-02 23:37:50
You can get you transscripts from the State of Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordination Board at 128- 10th Ave. SW  P.O. Box 43105 Olympia, WA 98504 phone number 360-753-5662 ask for Destiney Harrison.  What I really need is if there is an old catalog for Griffin College that has a courses description in it and were can I find one on the internet.  

Karen wrote at 2010-03-10 19:16:08
For transcripts for Griffin College, which was located in Seattle, WA, please contact the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board in Olympia, WA at 360-753-0892 or  They should be able to help.

Karen Oelschlager of the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board

David Janiszewski wrote at 2011-05-02 17:53:35
I also had the same trouble and was directed to the Washington State Department of Education. They informed me that during the schools closing records were forwarded to the State. However, there were numerous student file lost. Good Luck

David Janiszewski

Hans Capino wrote at 2012-06-04 00:44:46
Try this for transcripts for the Phillips College that was located on the Beach in Gulfport, Ms

Transcript Processing

C/O Virginia College

5360 I-55 North

Jackson, MS 39211

I found this on line some time ago

Keith O. Strader Griffin.B.S.College alumni wrote at 2013-10-15 07:40:43
Um if you went to Griffin you could have won a measly sum of $25-$50 dollars for your troubles since the grant moneys were stolen and the school suddenly closed one day as when we arrived for class all the computers were gone with a note stating school is closed until further notice,Tacoma campus anyhow,still looking try Googling closed schools in Washington and it will lead you to a website that can mabye find transcripts. Good Luck. I only was out less than $10,000

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