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Is 'Monkey Puzzle' school at Milton Keynes is good one?


A quick search of the web shows another person asking this same question.  My answer, living in the USA is, of course, I have no way of knowing.  But I will tell you some ways you have of answering your own question:

-Make a list of everything you want your child to get out of time in a school/care facility. Split the list into MUST HAVE and WANT THIS and IT WOULD BE A NICE BONUS. Use this list as your grading standard when interviewing staff, speaking with parents who have or recently had children there, or speaking to the reviewing agency.

-Their web site ( that their review was 'good- second level' in all areas.  They post their report for you to read:
Read it and ask if there are any parts that do not sit well with you, and how many of your list points are satisfied by why the report and their web site tell you.

-Wait outside of the school at pick-up time and ask parents if they would share their thoughts about the school.  (This is better, in my view, than asking the school for references.)

-Ask friend with children how they chose, where they chose, and their experiences.

-If you have a target school for when they would this this school, or even schools that are on a personal list of good schools for the next step, ask their admissions office or guidance counselors about schools they see the best prepared students coming from, and if they have experiences or advice to share regarding Monkey Puzzle.

-Ask for a try-out day, when you might observe the school, perhaps have your child visit for the day, etc.

Best of luck!


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