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Hi Michael,

I'm planning to work in China, Shanghaï. Having two little kids, I wonder if you have heard about high valued school education (primary school) in this city. I'm really concerned about the future of my children.

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You do not mention from where you will be moving; I will assume you are an American, as I am.

I must admit some surprise that you would accept a position before determining a place for your children.  The solution (or idea, more accurately) that comes to mind is an international school.  These schools are run specifically to offer educational choices for expats from other countries.  Shanghai has many.  I would do as much research as you can; One site I found (I cannot attest to how thorough and unbiased it is) is

If it were me I would be looking at multinational companies with offices there.  (Does the company placing you in Shanghai have relocation services?)  They may have programs set up for their employees to aid in transition into schools there.

Another resource: Michael Connolly started after moving from Seattle to Shanghai in 1999. What began as a way to share information and pictures about living in China with people back home, snowballed into one of the largest English-language sites in Shanghai.

Some others: (a discussion of choosing between government and international schools!)

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