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how can you prove to me that you are who and what you say you are before i can ask you any questions? this is a ".com" website not a ".edu" so how can i trust it?


Interesting question.  Well, you might Google me to see my experience, but that might be fabricated.  You could read the section of the site that explains that the 'experts' answering questions here are volunteers and therefore have nothing to gain, but as you say, it is a matter of trust.

Perhaps your solution is to ask your question to someone who works at a nearby private school.

(By the way, schools are the one's with the EDU sites.  We are not a school, and someone makes money, and thus the .COM.

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I am available to take questions on Alumni and development programs for college and K-12 schools. I do not take questions on closed for-profit schools.

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