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I have submitted my daughters Kindergarten application to private school and I am waiting for the response from the school. I wanted to know is it easier to get admission in Kindergarten than other grades at private school?. What do private school look for when selecting students for kindergarten classes. Currently my daughter is attending Montessori preschool. Please Help!

Hi, Bobby.

First of all, and not meant as critisim but more advice to anyone who reads this, these questions are best asked a) before you get involved in the application, and b) to the school to which you are applying. (If not to admissions, to current or past parents.)

The short answers are:
1) It will always depend on the school.  Some are easier to get into K because they let more students in as new, or they are not known for K, or class sizes for K are down everywhere- it could be anything.  When I worked at a high school, Junior Year was the hardest to get into.  It really depends.

2) While I never worked in elementary ed, I can tell you that every school looks for students who will 1) Be able to succeed, 2) Have something to offer the school through their unique experience, personality, etc., and often, c) pay their way.  Unless the school is need-blind (thank you Harvard, Andover, and others!) there is always the consideration of how many need to pay full tuition so that some number may get aid.

3) As your child is not likely to be the first to apply or get into this school from your current school, ask the faculty and administration if they would connect you with current parents of alumni at your current school. Their experience (and possibly connections) could be very valuable.

Best of luck!


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