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I have always wonder about the movie Tin Cup, if Roy McAvoy would win money for his top 10 finish in the US Open. I know amateurs don't get any prize money. But since he was a club pro who qualified for the Open, would he have won money. I mean, I know it is just a movie, but the question applies to any golf pro that doesn't have his Tour card. If they qualify for a tournament, are they considered amateurs or pros?

Yes of course he would have.  Any professional playing in any event will win money if he has a good enough score to make the cut into the weekend.  

Seniors (Champion Tour) no cut so everyone who plays gets paid.

Amateurs get trophies of some sort if they win.

Amateurs are just that, not entitled to money unless they declare themselves professionals prior to play.

Hope this helps.

Robb Nunn, PGA  

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