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Could you describe the profile of a typical 17-year-old American golfer who plays very well and who, with a bit of improvement, would have a realistic shot at playing in the PGA?  What kind of tournaments would he have played in and what would be his playing accomplishments? What handicap would he have, what sort of scores would he have attained?  Thank you.


I will give a brief synopsis and profile.
Some things I will leave open, this will give you a chance to do some homework om your own.

Hmm, a typical 17 year old American golfer.

1. Commitment, that is the number one thing you will need to have.  You have to want it more than anything else in your life and are willing to make sacrifices to accomplish and attain this goal.
2. A good coach, one that is committed to you and your growth and is as involved in the process as you.  Someone who will not only mentor you, but also become one of your closest allies and friends.
3. Solid, constant, consistent support from family and closest friends. (They should want to see your success as much as you do)
4. Any and all junior events possible.
5. High School and state regional junior events.
6. (College) Any and all collegiate events possible.
7. At 17 you have limited time to play in junior events, get moving on this fast.
8. Hopefully your handicap would be between +2 or better and -3.
9. Sub-par rounds ... the more the better, tournament wins, and high finishes.
10. Playing experience is one of the best teachers of all time.  You will also need to have range time, devoted to practicing and developing different shots, and types of shots that you can rely on in the heat of tournament battle.  Range time is just as valuable.
11.  While Professional tournament golf is primarily singular in it's endeavors (you against the world so to speak), it does take a team of people to help you along your path.  This is WHY I say, when all fails, see rules #1, #2, and #3 above.

Keep in mind this is for a junior, and it a short list.  By all means this is not a fully inclusive list of what any junior would need to do to get ready.  Be prepared, It is a long involved process.

Now I do have one question for you.  Have you asked your parents (or any other adults) if there is such a thing as a typical 17 year old yet?  So far, I have yet to find one, grin, lol.  Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

I hope you enjoyed the answers (and my dry humor).  Mostly I hope that you got some answers, learned a few things, and that you already have the commitment to become the best there ever was.  Good Luck.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy

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