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New Age TiPaul wrote at 2014-12-08 23:12:32
As far as I know, the true version of the song "The Chase", by Giorgio Moroder, a brilliant musician from the Tirol between Italy and Austria, was used by the Midnight Express, at a regional level. However, when when the Midnight Express Wrestling Team were using Moroder's original song, and the name of the movie (Midnight Express) that his song is the centerpiece for the soundtrack theme, the artist (Moroder) was not credited or compensated (adequately, or at all!). Once wrestling grew to national notoriety, many original entrance themesongs, used without copyright, were discovered as violating copyright, and had to be slightly changed, because of those copyright issues. This was true for the Midnight Express Wrestling Team, and explains the dissonance in the melodies that you hear--they had to transform the song significantly enough to avoid losing the lawsuit. If you ask my opinion, the original of the song is far better!

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