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Pro Wrestling/Does WWE lie about wrestlers weight?


Chuck Sipes wrote at 2010-07-17 12:09:01
First off, what I just read is an out and out lie.  Yes, wrestlers have been lying about their physical statistics all along.  I actually know several former pro wrestlers and I personally did some research to prove my points.  Bruno Sammartino true height is 5'8" not 5'11".  Andre the Giant was 6'9 1/2" not 7'5".  Hulk Hogan is 6'4" and Jon Studd was only 6'6" and not no 6'10".  I can go on and on.  Most wrestlers add 3 inches to their height and at least 25 - 30 pounds and more to their weights.  

nick wrote at 2012-12-21 09:46:00
Interesting form, I was with Canadian National Wrestling Alliance and wrestle around the U.S. The truth is - All pro-wrestlers are billed at a different weight and height. For instance lets say , Edge whose real weight is 225 and is 6.4 whose opponent is 2 inches shorter looks bigger and weighs the same.

So they would bill edges weight at 240, and his opponent at like 230. Like John Morris who is 5 ft 10 ripped and muscular looks lighter than Dolf Zigler. But Dolf Zigler actually weighs less than John Morrison. So they Bill Morrison at 225 and zigler at 230. Make seance?? there is a system they use to create optical illations, such as camera work, oil, the ring is usually set higher than ground level. And they will usually put a small referee in the ring to make them look larger than life. If you see them in person and try to second guess there size - DON'T they are exactly how they appeared. My height is 6 ft 1/2 and weigh 225. I'm usually billed at 6 ft 3 - 240. John morrison is 5 ft 9 weighs 190, dolf zigler is 5 f 8 190. Orton is ft 3 220

and the list goes on. Its hard to belive anything you see or here in wrestling even if its for real..Especially Vincent McMahon  

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