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Vicky wrote at 2011-12-12 03:17:33
Dear Swapnil,

I am vicky from India. As you said you want to join school in us, canada or uk but they cost a lot even if we work part time and train we need some money to eat also and now a days forgien economy going down and companies are not hiring new employee so, getting job there as part time is every. Secondly, i know one school in India called MFW Wrestling school ( it was opened and affilated with Tiger Jeet Singh and they are giving and training Indian boys and girls in Pro wrestling. Hope this will help you and now you dont need to travel in to expenses country and can learn in India now.

Thanks , Your friend Vicky

challwre wrote at 2013-07-31 15:41:25
There is a pro wrestling school located in Jumeirah Lake Towers that has recently opened. Find them on Facebook, dubai pro wrestling academy

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