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Wade gann wrote at 2014-11-29 04:32:58
Tommy wade real name was wade gann. He was 5ft. 11 inches. 230 lbs. He had been a pro barback  rider weighing only 145 lbs.2 years earlier before going to work for Mr Gulas. A bad motor cycle accident ended his rodeo days and through 2 hard years of rehab weight training and good nutrition he had rebuilt his body. But his new size made it impossible to return to his rodeo career. The owner of Ron's Gym, where he lifted weights, knew a pro wrestler that had wrestled as Dr. Death's and he introduced the two. Wade taught Dr Death how to lift weights and in turn Dr Death taught Wade how to wrestle. Shortly  after Wade tried out for a job with Gulas on live TV in Chattanooga,  Tennessee. He went against Bobby Eaton which was Gulas top baby face. Wade had been wrestling spot shows throughout the Southeast as The Black Knight and that was the name he used for the tryout. Gulas hired him on the spot but wanted him to take his black mask off change his name to Tommy Wade and be a face. Tojo was high on Wade because Wade knew all of the wrestling holds and there was a shortage of wrestlers that knew moves and holds. After several months of Wrestling most of the top names of the Gulas stable and others that came through Gulas decided to push Tojo again even though he was already 61 years of age. Wade agreed to the push so the two wrestled tag teamed for several months. At this time Bobby Eaton and Wade was to be the next tag team to get the top push as Tojo turned on Wade in Nashville by not taking a tag in time and time leaving Wade to wrestle two opponents. But Bobby was offered a job with Jarrett at this time which he took. After a couple more months past Wade decided Gulas Enterprises was pretty well finished. Wade open ed a hard core gym in Tuscumbia, al. named The Dungeon Gym and also became a strength and condition coach for Deshler High School. He also taught a few wrestlers moves and holds and later wrestled as one half of the Ghost Riders . He also promoted wrestling shows with Thurman Dolan using a number of the WWF stars. He gave up wrestling and became mayor of Tuscumbia, al.

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I'm what's called a Pro Wrestling Historian. I have a very wide rang of knowledge of many aspects of the business. I'm not just a die-hard fan, I'm also a Professional Wrestler, Referee, and color commentator as well. I can help answer questions about wrestling greats of yesteryear and the present day. I have a knowledge on just about every era of Professional Wrestling: from the Pioneer Days, to the Glory Days, to the T.V. era, to the 80's, to the Attitude Era, and so on. I can handle questions on several different subjects that clients may ask such as grapplers of the past and present, title/match histories, United States and foreign wrestling questions, wrestler's real names, hometowns, physical attributes, and much, much more. I'm also able to help determine value and authenticity of most memorabilia or autographs. I study wrestling every day. I live it, I breath it, and I cram as much information in to my internal "memory bank" as possible. It's my passion. I have a lot of experience in connecting with people of all walks of life, from all over the world. On top of the wide variety of knowledge that I already had, I've learned so much more from my mentor Hall of Famer Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant. Do you want to know who was the first man ever recognized by any promotion as "Heavyweight Champion of the World?" I can help answer your question. Would you like to know when wrestling turned in to entertainment, and not just bouts that lasted for hours on end? I can help you with that, too. I'm not saying that I know all their is to know about the sport, but I'm not afraid to try to answer any questions anyone may have. If I am unable to answer your question myself, I will try to research your question to find a suitable answer.I have so much knowledge of Professional Wrestling that I want to share with people from all over the world. Ask me any question you want, and I will be very glad to help in any way I can. Thank you.


I am a licensed and fully trained Professional Wrestler, Referee, and color commentator.

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"Boogie's Wrestling Camp"-Shawsville, Virginia. I was trained by a man with almost 50 years experience in Professional Wrestling, the legendary Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant.

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