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Joey Slater wrote at 2013-04-13 22:58:28
The key thing is to make the people feel as if the promo is natural, you could walk out to the ring and do what you gave as an example, and it COULD work, but you would have to cut the promo with a sinister voice like say Mick Foley when he used to cut really dark/weird promo's.

Also, don't go copying anyone else, so you can take little things out of how people cut promos but make sure that it still reaches the audience as your words, that is the key thing when cutting a promo for it to feel natural and unforced.

A perfect example for this would be The Miz in WWE: As a heel he cut great promos, because he's very cocky in real life, but as a face, he isn't too good because his character still comes off cocky and arrogant

Also make sure when you find your perfect style for delivering promos that it can work for your character being either a Face or a Heel that way you don't have to change your style as much as going from arrogant heel to caring face.

Hope this was helpful.

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