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hi, how are you?
im 13 year old girl from england and i love the WWE. firstly i will say that i have got a few questions about the WWE and some wrestlers.

1) will mark henry return to the WWE?
2) what is the most serious injury ever gained from fighting in the WWE?
3) in your opinion who do you think is better, CM punk, john cena or rhyback?
4) what is the finisher for AJ?
5) what is the finisher for vince mcman?

secondly i need a bit of help witg finding a wrestling school in the south west of england that takes people under 16.

thanks for all your help:)

Hi Phoebe
some good questions so I will take a shot at them.
1.Mark Henry is or has undergone surgery which could end his career, fingers crossed that doesn't happen and will return.
2.As far as I know on the 5th of October 1999 on Smackdown Darren Drozdov aka Droz was paralyzed after a powerbomb from D'Lo Brown.
3.In my own opinion I would have to say CM Punk. Cena is not as technically minded and Ryback has only just started and his matches are well too short.
4.According to Wikipedia AJ uses the shining wizard as a finisher.
5. Vinnie Mac has had 4 finishers in his time in the ring. it all depended whom he was against at the time, he has used Steve Austins stone cold stunner ,The Rocks peoples elbow, Triple Hs pedigree and Hogans leg drop.

I don't usually find wrestling schools for people anymore however as you are from the UK (as am I) I have had a look around and the only school I have found is a place in Torquay called Fightworx thay are not a pro wrestling school but they have classes in submission wrestling, ju-jitsu and other martial arts that could at the very least give you a head start in the wrestling biz their website is .
I hope I have answered Your Questions and please rate my answers. Vinny

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