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Pro Wrestling/WWF first ladder match


vinny wrote at 2012-11-30 06:35:02
July 21, 1992 Bret Hart defeated Shawn Micheals in a ladder match for the intercontinental title just under 2 years before wrestlemaia 10. this match appeared on a Bret hart video and was covered in wwf magazine.

four321zero wrote at 2013-01-22 08:36:03
Oh i know this one.

Bret vs Shawn ladder was on a taped show in 92 for the IC belt, 3 years before Shawn Razor ladder match. It went under the radar since after the razor match.

A Little Trivia:When bret was IC champ, the next guy was supposed to be Shawn (bret ended up dropping the belt to the bulldog later since it was wembley). But anyhow, when bret was IC champ, he pitched the idea of a ladder match to vince. Vince asked bret to show him the concept on a taped show versus anybody before he could use this gimmick match for a PPV. So bret picked michaels and the match happened.

Just weeks before HBK vs Razor ladder match at WM-10, there was another ladder match between those two; razor beat shawn in that match too. It was on a house show and buried for some reason.

So technically there were at least 2 WWE ladder matches before shawn and razors Wrestle Mania match.

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