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QUESTION: I live in Stephenville, Texas and was wondering how one became a manager for a wrestler. It been a dream of mine to work for the WWE and I want to live that dream. I start high school in 2012 but I wanted to start looking for the school that is for me. Is there any school in Texas that teaches one to be a manager for a wrestler are do Ihave to goxout of state?

ANSWER: Here's a few I know of. I copy and pasted from some areas to get the info, so I made sure to get exact information to you.


The Christian Wrestling Federation has been in business since the year 2000. The Christian Wrestling Federation is located at 331 County Line in Rockwall Texas. Phone them at 214-460-0477. You must be 18 years or older to attend this Texas wrestling school. The CWF will teach you everything from how to wrestle to how to work on the mike for interviews and promos. All people being trained must attend bible studies as well as the training. The rates are a very reasonable $200 down and $100 a month for ten months.

Taylor's Pro-Wrestling Factory

Tugboat and Chaz Taylor run the Taylor's Pro-Wrestling Factory in Houston Texas. Wrestling students under 18 need a parent to sign for them and to chaperone them in the classes. This school teaches you everything you need to know to be a successful pro wrestler.


Texas All Star Wrestling has a training school for prospective pro wrestlers. Under 18 and you need a parent to sign you up in person. TASW offers training as a wrestler, manager, referee, or valet. The TASW training school is located in Humble Texas.

Warriors for Christ Wrestling School

Warriors for Christ offers free training for wrestling students and is located 2369 Benrus Blvd in San Antonio Texas. They offer both personal training and pro wrestling training. Contact Filthy Rich at (210)317-7382 or Rocky at (210)382-2415

Texas Wrestling Academy

This was formerly well known as "The Shawn Michaels School", as he ran it and was the trainer at one point. He does make some appearances there off and on still but doesn't train anymore, Daniel Bryan was trained here for a little while. So, it has some connections. Don't think they'll get you in WWE immediately or anything. They can't do that. But, due to the connections they will teach well and help you in getting experience around the state before you try to pursue things professionally.

They all have websites you can try as well, so be sure to go to those and talk with your parents before deciding to get going. This does cost money, wrestling schools aren't free. So, be prepared for all that.

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QUESTION: This is Tara again, I have another question. Are there any classes that I need to take in high school, or anything like that?

Sorry for the late reply.

I would take Psychology or Sociology or both. I'd also try to get into theater programs and if there are sports you feel you could do well with, invest time in them too. An economics course may not be too bad. All of these will help down the line, trust me on that.

Hope this helped.

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