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Why do wrestlers like jeff hardy, hulk hogan and others leave. ..wwe . . .we al knw that wwe has made them wat they r 2day and join tna. . .?is it bcoz of money. .or anythng else. . .?is wrestling in tnareal?and. . I have another question that wat hapend to chrisbeniot y did he leave wrestling i dnt knw his story and i want to. . Knw wat hapend to him and where is he now?

Hi Aditya.  Thanks for the question.

1.  There have been several wrestlers that have left WWE, and for various reasons.  

It could be anything from wanting to pursue other interests, wanting to work less, not getting the push they want, and other reasons.

Hulk Hogan basically left, or at least took time off, the first time around because he wanted to concentrate on his acting career.  He of course came back and left a few times after that for various reasons, including a dispute over the rights to the Hulk Hogan name.

Jeff Hardy had personal problems while he was with WWE, including alleged drug and alcohol abuse, erratic behavior, and being late to and even missing shows.  Hardy was eventually released by WWE.

Kurt Angle basically asked for his release from WWE because the schedule was too demanding, and he was addicted to pain pills.

One of the reasons wrestlers go to TNA is because of the lighter schedule.  Up until recently, TNA Impact was taped, and a couple of shows were taped on the same night.  TNA also runs much fewer house shows, so the wrestlers have a lot more time off then WWE does.  This gives them more time to recover, and more time to spend with their families.

2.  TNA wrestling is the same as WWE or any other pro wrestling league, in that it is scripted.  

3.  Wow...I never thought I would get this question, because depending on how old you are, I don't know how you possibly couldn't have heard about Benoit, considering it was national news.

In June of 2007, Chris Benoit murdered his wife Nancy and 7 year old son Daniel.  He then later committed suicide.  Benoit was having problems at home with his wife, and it was later revealed that he had brain damage, as a a result of multiple concussions due to repeated blows to the head while wrestling.  If I remember correctly, the damage to Benoit's brain was so severe that it resembled that of an 85 year old man with Alzheimer's disease.  

I am obviously not defending Benoit over what happened, but due to the brain damage he had, he obviously was not in the right frame of mind when he committed the murders and took his own life.

If you do a search on Benoit, there are plenty of articles out there that cover the double murder/suicide.

Thanks again for the question.  Let me know if you have anything else.

Have a great night!


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