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Do you think shelton benjamin  should have been the face of the wwe instead of john cena? He was much better wrestler. And if you watch this shelton benjamin vs john cena match part of the crowd was chanting ''lets go shelton'' at 5;00. So it appeared he was over with the crowd. I don't know if the link will work but it was shelton benjamin vs john cena  in a beat the clock match.

Hi James.  Thanks for the question.

I do agree with you that Shelton Benjamin is a better wrester then John Cena, at least as far as technical wrestling goes.  However, as an overall package, I don't think Benjamin is anywhere close to Cena's league, and I don't think WWE is regretting their decision to make Cena the face of WWE.

You mentioned Benjamin getting "lets go Shelton" chants.  Well that happens in pretty much any match that Cena is involved in.  Cena is obviously pushed as a face, but the crowd is 50/50 towards Cena, almost regardless of who he wrestles.

The problem with Benjamin was he never really got too over with the crowd, at least to the point where he was considered main event talent.  He never really had a gimmick that took off, and he was average at best on the mic, and lacked charisma.  Even though Cena isn't as good as Benjamin in the ring, he has a good gimmick, is good on the mic, and obviously has great charisma.  

I think WWE would have loved for Benjamin to be a breakout star and become main event material, but it never happened.  However, I don't think they are too disappointed with the way Cena has turned out.

Thanks again for the question.  Let me know if you have anything else.

Have a great night!


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