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Hi I'm 13 and I'm 5 foot 9 inches and I weigh 140 pounds, I was thinking about joining a wrestling school near me in the UK I live in a town called Warrington in between Manchester and Liverpool. Could you recommend me a school. Also when I join a school, how can I get into a smaller promotion, then move to WWE. I've thought about signing in at NXT and getting a trial after a few years of training what do you think.

There are quite a lot. You can do a google search, and then look up reputations on each school you find and enjoy the prospects of. At 13, you won't be able to get into some. A lot have a Juniors program, but the normal top tier stuff you cannot do until 18.

It's not easy to get into NXT. FCW, which is basically NXT, is something you have to pay for training at. It can be up to 3,000 USDA. Which is not cheap by any means. And you can't do this until 18 anyway.

So, only worry about NXT when you do a try out years into the future when you're ready. They most certainly accept no one under 18 now.

You will find out how to get bookings with local areas when you get done with training. You gradually move up, then move around. It doesn't become that difficult to get hired for a show here and there over time. Then one day you might get attention from a place like WWE  

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