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My questions were about WCW superstar Goldberg.

1. Who or what inspired Bischoff to create this Goldberg character? Or how did Bischoff think of that?

2. Didn't WWE feel threatened by WCW's success with Goldberg? What was WWE's answer to Goldberg?

3. I have a theory that Goldberg was the most formidable pro wrestler of all time. In a pro wrestling scenerio, which superstars can defeat him? I guess that's why he never got into a fued with Stone Cold or the Undertaker as McMahon knew Goldberg would have to be billed as the winner, considering his old days in WCW.



Thank you for your questions , I will do my best to answer them.

1. Believe it or not the character of Goldberg was all Goldbergs idea .

2. The WWE at the time had Steve Austin the Undertaker. Also The Rock and Triple H where on the way up the ranks and let us not forget the Vince McMahon storyline.

3.The reason Goldberg never faced the Undertaker was that the brand extension was in full swing with Goldberg on Raw and the Undertaker on Smackdown. Austin however had finished wrestling at this point so could not face Goldberg either.
Other wrestlers who would have a good chance at the time against Goldberg would have been Kane (monster heel at the time) Kurt Angle (has won an Olympic gold medal and has defeated Brock Lesnar) and a return match against Lesnar may have had different results.

Thank you again for your questions


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again Vinny,

Thanks for replying in a short time. My next question is that the WWF attitude era had a lot of violence and other edgy themes and ECW was also a similar promotion.
1.  I even heard that ECW inspired the ushering of the attitude era. But why didn't it reach the success of WWF and instead became bankrupt.

2. If the Undertaker of the early 90s was in a match against Goldberg at his peak in WCW, who would win?


Hello again Jem,

Sorry for the lateness of my reply as I have been working.

1. ECW was a groundbreaking promotion which is still much loved by hardcore fans today , although the product was great the financial side of things wasn't . Heyman was in charge and was not great on the business side of things . also WCW was at war with WWF and started to steal wrestlers from ECW (Benoit, Saturn , Guerrero , Chris Jericho etc)

2.The best incarnation of the Undertaker would be later in his career, the early 90s version was not as skilled as he is today. so i would say that Goldberg would win . however I would say that the Undertaker would win in the last 8 years.

Thank you for your questions.

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