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Hello I'm 15 years old looking for a academy that is not 18+ could u kindly look for an SA accademy in johannesburg close to my home

Hello Dylan,

Nice hearing from you and also it is great that you have already made up your mind to go for pro wrestling as a career at your tender age.  There are couples of academies in Johannesburg that can train you to become a good talent and you have to visit the academies to know the age range accepted to start pro wrestling training. Shawn Koen has a gym in Johannesburg, send a mail to: or give him a call at:+27824560792. You can also contact Ananzi at: +27822698325 or his Gym at: Danie Van Zyl Recreation Centre, cnr Plantation Rd and Rex Str, Claremont, Johannesburg, 2000. Wishing you all the best Dylan

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