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Pro Wrestling/Koko B. Ware's finishing manuever name?


Hello there Mr. Burgett,

I was wondering if you could tell me how or why Koko.B.Ware"s brainbuster suplex got it's name the "Ghostbuster"? Where did that name come from? His other move, the drop kick, I don't think had a name or did it?
         Thank you, Ken

Well the Ghostbuster movie franchise was a very popular during the time of his wrestling period, so that is where he got it from. Of course add in that he used a brainbuster for a finisher and it worked to just change the name up a bit.

A lot of people in the wrestling scene wanted to stay relevant in pop culture. So that is why it was added. Plus you could add in that the brainbuster would kill them and make them into a ghost when you're trying to sell it to people. So it worked in many ways.

I don't remember if his dropkick had a name other than what it was honestly.

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