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Hello again,

I've been training hard, working my cardio and trying to build muscle. Your previous advice has been incredibly helpful (thanks!!!).

My question regards back bumping. It's never been my strong suit, and I usually clock the back of my head at least once every practice. Are there any specific muscles I should target in strength building to prevent this from happening? I've been working my neck a lot more (doing "neck crunches" to help keep my head tucked), but it seems like bigger guys with wide backs tend to bump easier than I do with my petite frame. Should I focus more on back muscles maybe?

Thanks so much for your help!

Firstly, good to hear that you're working hard, Jess. Second, I am glad some of my advice has been useful.

In regards to back bumping, I have learned there is never a good way to just fall on your back. It's gonna hurt regardless of the muscles you build up. Overtime you get used to it though, and your body doesn't respond as negatively to it. The bigger guys often times have a smaller fall due to always being the bigger guy. However, in a match with a man the same size they will land the way you would.

As for the muscles you really want to target to hopefully get a bit less pain in the fall, you want to go after the Trapezius, Deltoid, rhomboid minor/major, supraspinatus, teres minor/major, latissimus dorsi, and erector spinae muscles. This is pretty much your upper/middle back and shoulder areas. These are the major muscles you will most likely land on more often.

However, many also land flat, thus meaning you're going to want to target the entire back as much as possible. However, due to our bodies tending to land on the parts that poke out the most, you typically see more landings happening on the upper and middle areas.

You may also land on your hip and tailbone at times. So it is important to work on your entire body because you will land on most of it at one time or another. With a natural suplex, you may land on your butt first but with german you'll see yourself normally landing on your upper back.

Good idea doing neck curles to keep your neck tucked. This is needed a lot more as people tend to always land on their head at some point, lol.

Working out every area as much as possible is certainly the best thing. Making each day a target area is the easiest. So like Monday is arm day, Tuesday is leg day, Wednesday is cardio day, and so on. This is how many take to things.

Hope this helped.

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