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akw wrote at 2006-12-12 21:03:35
i actually sat next to him and his grandson on a flight in June 2006.  He was well and told us stories about his wrestling days.  

Tom Hankins wrote at 2009-07-22 10:26:37
Donny is living in Florida is is still a wild man at 81. I try to party with him at least once a year. The Chain Gang was the greatest gimmick in pro wrestling history. It was awsome and riviting.

Bugstoo wrote at 2009-10-06 02:59:14
Hi.!  Donald Kalt is my Uncle and he lives in Fla. as best I know he is retired from active wrestling. He is in his late 70's

john reynolds wrote at 2011-09-06 16:31:36
I ran into Fargo just last week in a grocery store in Cantonment, Fl., and he looks pretty good for someone who's lived his whole life in the fast lane. I was thrilled to be able to shake his hand and get his autograph.

Deb Dell wrote at 2013-05-18 14:43:35
Don Kalt is my great uncle. In his pics I can see so much of my dad. Except he has long hair. Pretty cool to see him on the Internet. Seen him wrestling when I was a teen in Mississippi. Thought that was so cool!!! His brother big Bill (my grandfather) would be so thrilled to know Donny did so well. !!!:)

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