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Hello Sir,
I have an assignment due to firday, I'm supposed to find the optimal solution of the objective function, however, I'm still facing a problem. I have two constraints, but on the grapth they never intersect (in the upper right field since x1, x2 >= 0) is it possible for two constraints not to intersect? if it is, how can I find the optimal solution then?!

Thank you in advance

A linear program might not have the constraints intersect, for example:


The feasible region is not bounded, which means the objective function may be unbounded on that region and the max/min of the objective function may not exist. For example, P(x,y)=x+y.

However, it may still be possible. For example, if your region is:


and your objective function is:

P(x,y) = x-y,

then the optimum is at (3,0). The rationale "if a maximum occurs, it occurs at a corner" is still valid, but if the feasible region is unbounded, this maximum might not occur at all. (Same for a minimum.)

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