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i am doing a school project on statistics, to see if there is a correlation between the length of a woman's forearm and her foot. i have measured the left foot and left forearm of 100 women, and now am trying to process the data in through different mathematical processes. one of which is by using the chi-squared test, which i thought i understood -- until now.

since i have measured 100 women and collected 2 variables (foot and forearm length) from each,  my data is in a 2 x 100 table on excel.
which means my degree of freedom is 99?
and since i am doing it with a 5% significance level, that makes my chi-squared crit. value 123.225.

which seems impossible because my chi-squared calc = 2,658988795

what am i doing wrong? also, what can i do to improve this project?

thank you,

You should really be looking for something like the correlation:

The test you are using is not correct of this data. That test would make more sense if you were measuring forearms of, say, two siblings -- not a single person's forearm and then something else (foot or whatever else).

I am afraid that I can't offer you much help as to how to improve a class project -- I don't know anything about your class, what you've learned, what the parameters of the project might be, etc.

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