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Need help with Lemma 8.5
Need help with Lemma 8  

Close up of lemma 8.5
Close up of lemma 8.5  
Hello Clyde

I'm taking a course in stochastic processes and one of the Lemma's stated (Lemma 8.5) in my coursebook doesn't go through how it was derived.
I dont have any experience with proofs and it doesn't get taught in any of my courses, how did they reach this conclusion?

It is very easy to prove the contrapositive: If it is not true that the equations are balanced (8.0.1) for any i, then there is no stable state -- the net flow in node i will always be nonzero. You could state that more rigorously, but that's the gist of it.

The notes found here may also be of interest:

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