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My bestest friend in the whole world thinks someone is trying to steal me from her I've tried to tell her that she is my one and only best friend but she don't believe me. I've tried to forget about it by spending time with my boyfriend but I just cant, she seems the think he is all I think about. What should I do?j

Hi Mya,

It seems as though your friend is worried that you are drifting away from her because you are now in a relationship. Although you are avoiding the issue personally by spending time with your boyfriend, things are still not getting resolved for your friend because she still feels this way. My suggestion is to spend time with just her so that she remembers how important she is to you. It's great to tell her this, but showing it helps even more.

Good luck!

Problems with Friends

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Hey there, I'm BriElle! I'm 19, and I'm great at giving advice to other teens! I want to use my experiences with friendships to help YOU with yours! I'm open to all questions about all types of friendship problems, from being left out, to feeling jealous, to trust issues, to peer pressure, and even to building your friendship with your boyfriend/girlfriend! So talk to me and help me to help you! :)


I've experienced feelings of loneliness, jealousy, anger, and pressure with my friends. I've lost friends in the past, and I understand the troubles of maintaining a friendship. However, I know how to be confident and how to distinguish who my real friends are. I love giving advice to my friends about all of there problems!

I'm currently a sophomore in college. I led several retreats in high school, so I understand how to cope with emotions. I also studied psychology for one year.

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