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Hi, my name is Haley I am a 14 year old freshmen and I am having serious friend issues. I have this friend named Brooklyn and we have be friends for about 2 years and recently she has been a brat. She got excepted into our high schools marching band and she is addicted to it she always talks about all the people there and I got so sick of hearing about it everyday because I am not in band I don't associate with those people. She is also very mean and verbally abusive to me and my other friend Amber. We got so sick of it when stopped eating lunch with her and stopped hanging out and texting her. She got left alone with our other friend Sydney and they have been fine friends but you can tell that Brooklyn doesn't like Sydney very much. I felt bad because I knew that Brooklyn didn't like Sydney but Brooklyn hated Amber and was so mean to her she was always making Amber cry and I ended up having to choose a side and I choose Amber. Me and Amber are perfectly happy because we have a bunch of new friends but we see Brooklyn and Sydney everyday because we are all in the same AP classes (Sydney is in my ward and lives down the street). Recently Brooklyn sent me a text saying " I wanted to tell you that I am really sorry for how I've been treating you lately. I was a crappy friend and I know I wasn't fun to be around. You were a really good friend to me and I've been thinking, and I don't want to just throw that away. I was hoping that if I promise to change, that you'll forgive me and we can be friends again? I really am sorry for how much of a brat I was." I am confused because I don't really want to be her friend again because she will never change she has tried and failed many times. HELP!!! What do I do.

Hi Brooklyn.

Your gut instinct was right. If you felt that she was rude to you and an abusive friend, it was smart that you didn't stick to being with her. Nobody deserves to treat you or anyone else like that.

However, the fact that she texted you apologizing for her actions does say something. You might not think that she's capable of changing just because of what she's done in the past, but you never know. It was really humble of her to apologize to you like that, and I really do hope she means it. My advice would be is to just try giving her a second chance. She seems sincere in her apology, so it's fair for you to listen to her as well. Of course, if she goes back to her old ways, then you know she can't be trusted. But it's at least fair enough to give her a chance.

Best of luck!

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