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Hi my names Michelle and I recently started talking to this girl I met a few days ago and she's nice and everything but i don't know if she wants to be my friend and wether or not i should still talk to her  so my question is how can you tell if someone wants to be your friend?

We're both 16 by the way

Hi Michelle.

It's very easy to get confused when you first meet someone you think you might be friends with. A lot of questions come to mind: How does this person feel about me? Do they want my friendship just as much? How do I let them know I want to be their friend?

My best advice is to just put yourself out there as much as possible but still take things slow. People are generally nice to each other; that's a great start. It doesn't seem like she's turned off from you, which is a definite plus. Just start off by making easy, light conversations with her and let it evolve from there. Most importantly, remember to be yourself. Don't try to change just to impress her based on what or who you think she will like. And trust me, I'm sure she has the same questions about you on her end. At least you aren't alone!

Good luck!

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Hey there, I'm BriElle! I'm 19, and I'm great at giving advice to other teens! I want to use my experiences with friendships to help YOU with yours! I'm open to all questions about all types of friendship problems, from being left out, to feeling jealous, to trust issues, to peer pressure, and even to building your friendship with your boyfriend/girlfriend! So talk to me and help me to help you! :)


I've experienced feelings of loneliness, jealousy, anger, and pressure with my friends. I've lost friends in the past, and I understand the troubles of maintaining a friendship. However, I know how to be confident and how to distinguish who my real friends are. I love giving advice to my friends about all of there problems!

I'm currently a sophomore in college. I led several retreats in high school, so I understand how to cope with emotions. I also studied psychology for one year.

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