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One of my friends,Mia, has always been sorta mean, bossy, and short-tempered, but she's not that bad. And my other friend, Sofia, is starting not to like her anymore, and said that whenever I was gone, Mia has been threatening her! But Mia doesn't seem like the type of person to threaten anyone!  What's going on, and what's the truth?

Hi Kayla.

This often happens in a group of three friends: two people may start to dislike each other, and the third person is left to "choose" between the two. It's certainly not fair to anybody that's involved, but unfortunately, it happens.

If there is conflict between Mia and Sofia, try to be a "mentor" for the two of them. They evidently both like and respect you as a friend, so who better to help them work out their conflicts than someone who knows them both equally well? Help them to calmly and respectfully get their feelings out, and be open to listening to both of them. Hopefully you can reach some type of conclusion for them. Just remember, though: if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. Mia and Sofia just might not work as friends anymore. It's sad, yes, but it's something to prepare yourself for in case it does happen.

As far as the threatening thing goes, be sure to take this seriously. I know about as much as you do regarding if Sofia is telling the truth about Mia threatening her, but it's not something to be taken lightly. Ask Sofia specifically what Mia "threatened" her with, and if it in any way sounds dangerous, be sure to tell a trusted adult right away.

Best of luck!

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