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I recently started a new school, and made friends with two girls, Emily and Sian. We've been really close and people have started to call us best friends, but I've noticed that Emily and Sian always sit together and are always partners for everything. They have private jokes that I don't understand, and seem to treat me like I'm slow, or dumb. They always speak on the phone to one another, but none of them ever talks to me unless I ring them. I'm always feeling like a third wheel, and I don't understand why they get mad at me if I hang out with other people. If they're always together and never including me, why should I hang out with them? Are they real friends? I have no idea what I should do!

Hey Lisa!

In my opinion, maybe Emily and Sian has been together even before you came. Friends who have close ties together really keep things from their much less-close friends. I suggest that you try to hang with them more, and share some of your thoughts with them. Don't make yourself left out, try to include yourself with them by all means. And if your country's telecommunication services support 3-way phone calls, try to call them. But, if you still don't feel comfortable when you get left out, you can always find new friends. And since you just entered a new school, it would be better to start off with just a friend, to get to know her/him better, and have a best friend to hang on to when you need him/her. With the part that they get mad at you when you hang out with others, maybe they just want to be closer to you, or they may be jealous that you're with others, and not with them. :)


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