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I am completely sick of my best friend! We see each other every day after school and every weekend and in the summer we don't stop seeing each other we just from each others house, back and forth. I am seriously tired of her and it's like every move she makes annoys me. But she's not tired of md because she keeps wanting to hang out. I just really don't know how to stop seeing her. I really can't tell her that we need time apart, really I can't. U also never get to spend more than 2 days at home and I really just want to see my family. Pleas help fast! Thank you.

Hey Haley!

    You may try to tell her that you want some time with your family. If that won't work, try to persuade your parents to have a family vacation somewhere out of town where you can't reach your friend. You may also change your cellphone number, and not tell her your new one. If she wants to hang out with you somewhere, just tell her you got something to do, or your really exhausted, think of a good reason to not go. But if she's still bugging you, you may want to tell her you need sometime alone, or tell her you need time with your family; she may understand.


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I'm still a teen, but I had have a lot of problems with my friends during my high school years. And, I want to help my fellow teens, because I know it's hard to lose something important to you, especially a friend. :D

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