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Problems with Friends/No Idea How to Handle This


Hello, I'm a Junior in High School and a friend of mine, a Freshmen girl, is acting strangely and I'm not sure what to do.

I met her early on in the year, she originally got my attention due to how beautiful I think she is.  I took some time to get to know her better as a friend, and we ended up having a good relationship with each other as a result.  Recently, though, she's been avoiding talking to me.  I call her out on that, because I thought we were friends.

Not too long after that was when the really weird behavior started to happen.  First, she punched me in the back to get my attention so she could tell me that she never considered me to be a friend, smile and walk away.  Needless to say, I was confused and angry.  The next day, she had absolutely no idea why I was mad at her.

I've been asking all of my friends and most of my teachers for help with figuring out what I should do, and I still really don't know what to do or what's going on with her.

What do you think I should do?

Hi Logan,

It definitely is weird how she's been treating you. For someone who seemed to have been a pretty solid friend to you, she definitely has been acting strange.

A lot of times when people experience some problem in their walking life, they take it out on other people without even realizing it. She might be having another conflict or problem with someone or something else in her life at the moment, and she may be indirectly taking it out on you. It definitely isn't a great excuse, but it's something that happens a lot.

You've done pretty much everything you can do...You've talked to her, your friends, and your teachers, which is all really great. It seems to me that she maybe needs a little bit of time for herself before she opens up to you again. For now, just do your best to move forward with your life as much as possible, and hopefully she will come back to you.

Best of luck!

PS: On another note: I'm not sure how hard she punched you in the back, but if she did it pretty hard, don't take that lightly. If she ever does something like that again and you are concerned for your personal safety, make sure to tell a trusted adult immediately.

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